Custom orders? It can be done!

So you have an idea of something you would like me to make for you, but you have no idea where to start. Don't worry I'll take good care of you, I promise. 

First of all I would need what the item is. ex; Dice Bag. 
How big?

What type? 
Let me find the patterns or design and you pick them. 

What color?
 How many colors?
 Depending on the pattern you will have several decisions to make, not to worry it's something that I am very patient with since I can never decide on colors.

Next I will go and find the the material to make this in, their are several different options and price ranges with this. 
Allergies to wool?
 Prefer cotton? 
 I try to stick with the cheapest yarn (which tends to be acrylic) so my prices can stay low, however I'll try new yarns out (its fun). 

Disclaimer: Sometimes the yarn picked wont have the exact color you may want.

Finally I will start making the object, this is when I can start calculating a price for you. Materials, time it takes and difficulty are all part of this price. 

Then of course their is always shipping, I use USPS flat rate boxes. They seem to have the cheapest shipping prices however I will send it to you any way you would like. 
Any Questions?